Best Touch Screen Mods Of 2017

Touch screen vape mods are the latest craze since temperature control box mods. We will be adding the best touch screen box mods here, from popular brands and manufacturers.


SMOK G-PRIV 220W Touch Screen Mod

This is perhaps the most popular touch screen mod at present. It has a big beautiful, unique touch screen.

It is available as a kit with the TFV8 Big Baby Tank. This is a perfectly matched set up to use the G-PRIV and get some serious tasty vapor. If you want to go all out with clouds, you may want to pair it with the TFV8 or the new TFV12.

 It is 220 watts, and supports Nickel and Titanium temp control , and has tons of features.


Examples of Touch Screen Vape Mods (No Longer Available)

You may be able to find these if you look around, though they are out of production.

One store that often has a big stock that may carry them is Gearbest

SMY’s Touch Box provides temperature and wattage variation up to 100 watts or 315C/600F.

SMY Touch Box 100W Mods

It is powered by a 2600-mAh cell housed permanently within the mod requiring about 3 ½ hours to recharge. Supporting TC atomizers, this box can handle 0.05 ohms when Nickel 200 or Titanium wires are selected for a high-quality atomizer such as the Sigelei Moonshot or Eleaf Melo 2.

 Do your research when using Nickel. It is very important to only use Nickel Coils in Nickel mode on your vaping device. 

Using a color screen, SMY imparts information about resistance, wattage, a consumer’s chosen setting, voltage, and amps. They learn if anything has compromised the safety of their product or would have if not for a protective PCB built into their device. A chipset protects consumers against extremes in temperature, resistance, or voltage.

Laisimo L1 200W TC Mod

Laisimo L1 200W

The big screen here is covered in graphics and assorted colors just like the SMY, making it both attractive and highly functional. Who doesn’t love a splash of color in their day?

 This is a 200-watt mod with a 572F maximum temperature in TC mode and a low of 0.05 ohms using temperature-sensitive coils .

Out of the last three units profiled here this is the highest output available. Batteries are removable, however, so you don’t have to vape while connected to a USB power source or wait for recharging to finish. Take out the two cells and recharge those while two new ones get to work inside.

The Laisimo is beautiful and powerful, not least of all because there is so much power at your fingertips. Set output using your Smartphone or just read information about your vaping habits like the puff count.

I personally love this mod. I don’t use it a lot since it is so nice, aesthetically, but it’s a great device!

Sigelei T150 T150

You have already read most of what you need to know about touch screen vaping products above and the Sigelei is not much different.

 It possesses that big, beautiful touch screen, Bluetooth compatibility, high wattage of 150, and TC functionality .

The biggest difference between this one and the others is that Sigelei has made a more familiar name for themselves than SMY or Laisimo. Did you know Laisimo makes the top-rated Snow Wolf?

Maybe not, but everyone knows Sigelei for their Mini Book and Spark. This is another colorful device using intuitive graphics and user-friendly interface which belie the intricacy and power of this attractive device.

The frame is a little smoother; more elegant and flowing than those mentioned above. Strangely, Sigelei indicates that their T150 only supports 0.2 ohms and up as compared with 0.05 ohms supported by the Laisimo and SMY mods.

It is still thick compared with an iPhone but other dimensions are surprisingly small. Batteries are not included. Consumers will discover that gaining more screen space doesn’t require additional frame size because batteries are no bigger. The chipset is just more sophisticated.

Items like the Laisimo L1 200W, SMY 100W, and Sigelei T150 vape mod have more in common than their basic purpose and high-watt capacity. All three feature huge screens and not just for looking at. They are touch screen vape mods of high quality; good looking devices for experienced modders only.

Touch Screen Technology

The modern generation of consumers, including vapers of all ages, knows this technology very well. They see it every day on an iPhone, iPod, Galaxy 5, Notebook, etc.

It is a feature of everyday living and one we take for granted. Vaping control, however, has been moving more slowly towards this level of precision.

Until the touch-screen revolution — only now beginning — consumers were ecstatic to possess enough control to adjust volts, watts, or temperature the old-fashioned way: with buttons.

Bluetooth connectivity was a major boon but left consumers having to adjust their mods remotely if they wanted to access a larger visual picture of their mod’s performance and settings. Prepare for faster battery drain with a touch screen mod.

A Quick Look At Temperature Control Vaping

Vape mods are advanced electronic cigarettes usually about the shape of a thin box or thick tube. They are used by experienced vapers to get the most out of their e juice: the most flavor, most warmth, and most vapor. Temperature control (TC) mods give consumers an opportunity to fine tune their vaping experience.

VW vs. TC

How are temp. control and variable watt vaping different? Both of them are customizable methods, but a TC mod optimizes safety even more than a good VW device.

Each of them usually contains a control board which regulates how much output they are able to produce and the resistance they are capable of safely supporting. This board provides safeguards and runs the screen if there is one.

Usually a VW mod will shut down if it becomes too hot or it will reduce output to prevent damaging the device or its user. With a TC mod, the vaper chooses a temperature he wants to vape at. He is focusing on Fahrenheit rather than wattage but the machine regulates wattage to sustain his selected temperature.

Running a Mod in TC Mode

There is one condition if you are going to use this function on a variable mod: your atomizer coils have to be temperature sensitive. Kanthal is not good enough. Nichrome won’t cut it. If you try to install an atomizer using one of these materials and turn the dial to “Temperature Control,” the device will not follow your commands.

It will only operate in Variable Watt function using these metals. You need to install coils made from titanium, Nickel 200, or stainless steel which take longer to heat up than Nichrome and Kanthal but sustain their temperature more easily without burning out.

Benefits of Temp. Control Vaping

Temperature Control vaping is safer and more efficient than Variable Watt vaping. Save battery power and e juice by using this high-tech system.


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